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As an emerging leader in global web-based solutions and serving thousands of clients daily, CIAN Technologies Inc. encompasses quality, performance, reliability, security and competitive prices without compromise.
That's because we are looking at the future from a new perspective.

ImagePolurNET Communications / polur.net

Highly acclaimed, non-oversold Linux-based shared and reseller webhosting services

ImageExcellentHost Enterprises

Built for businesses, offering a choice of US or UK datacenters and wide range of VPS and dedicated servers

ImageHostOptima Solutions

Popular host offering Windows-based clustered hosting, with latest ASP.net technology


All-encompassing premium e-commerce, design and webhosting solutions, geared for professionals


Experience the maximum difference with feature-packed reseller webhosting solutions, including free end-user support and billing software

ImageRapidName Domain Services

Popular domain registrar offering low-cost .com and .net domains, with dozens of other extensions to choose from, such as .co.uk, .in, .mobi and .eu. Boasting an easy-to-use control panel and value-added services such as WHOIS protection, DNS management, domain forwarding and email services included at no additional cost.

ImageKase Design & Publishing Company

Our prestigious in-house design firm has been renown for its integrity, quality and uniqueness.  The KDPC designs and manages all the websites across the CIAN Technologies Inc. network since 2003, and also has developed websites for a select number of businesses over the years.

ImagePremium Domain Holdings

From inforesource.net and genome.ws to lawyerinformation.net and even to premiumhost.com, we control a large collection of premium web domains that are ready for full-fledged websites with informative content.

Welcome to CIAN Technologies Inc. <> Looking at the future in a new perspective

Empowering the web for over 6 years

CIAN Technologies Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing premium and quality internet-based services, such as webhosting, webdesign, domain services, educational portals, and software since 2003.

As a federally-registered Canadian corporation with offices in the USA and India, CIAN Technologies Inc. operates a prominent portfolio of online businesses with thousands of customers worldwide.




CIAN Technologies Inc. prides itself providing superior products and services, with a variety of applications for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. We are continually expanding and diversifying our portfolio of networks through new acquisitions or development. If you are interested in taking your software product, internet-based service or other established ventures to the next level, feel free to contact us to join our dynamic and growing team!


Focus Areas

  • Web Hosting Solutions: each of our brands offer specialized tools to meet the demands of different web technologies
  • Domain Services: managing domain names should be hassle-free and cost-effective
  • Education: providing informative resources is what the internet does best, so can use our experience to bring unique content

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We provide the technological expertise that many renown businesses and institutions around the world rely on a daily basis to power their website, email, domain or e-commerce platform. It's no wonder more people trust us than most other internet service providers.

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ImageEstablish your identity on the web

Are you wondering what is webhosting, and how we can help you take your business to the next level with our premium solutions?

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ImageCustomized Solutions for Your Web-based Needs

If you have had experience in webhosting, you may realize that some companies purporting to offer "unlimited" resources are often sacrificing reliability for cost. If your website is important to you, it's critical to choose a provider that values network response time and has non-overselling policies. CIAN Technologies Inc. can provide your website the optimal package that fits your resource needs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Contact us today!